Friday, November 2, 2007

Construx guys!!

Anyone remember these things? They were building toys, kind of a cross between Legos and Erector sets. I liked them just as much as Legos, We had a few sets but most of the pieces were lost over time. Now I have a pretty big collection of Construx, but most have been bought off of eBay. They're still a lot of fun to build with and I'm hoping someday Shannon and I can build some towers or airplanes or whatever.

Here are a few from the Soto boys toy box. These toys were pretty durable, they still look pretty new. One of the fun things you could do was put rockets or giant arms on them, or even put different heads on them. I'll take more photos of my Construx collection later...

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Rolito said...

I love this Construx Guys!