Sunday, November 18, 2007

Star Wars Lunchbox!!

Oh how I loved my Star Wars lunch box! I think I was always more excited about looking at the artwork than eating whatever my mom packed inside. This was back before movies could be watched on a whim- no VHS tapes, no DVD's of course, no on-demand cable, and no Youtube. You had to actually go to the movies back then, or wait 5 years for it to come on TV (but with no way to record it). The best way to "watch" a movie was in your mind's eye, and through this lunch box I was able to relive some of the movie's scenes. I remember it came with a red thermos too, though I have no idea where that could be. The inside has what looks like a mixture of old food and rust. It says "Soto" in pencil which is pretty cool. I wonder if I wrote it? The paintings are really spectacular, especially the Dewback patrol on the bottom.

I just had a flash back of room-temperature bologna and mayonnaise sandwiches... and liverwurst...


luvyatoo said...

Yo, I wonder if these are some Drew Struzan illustrations on dis lunch box...

shirilla said...

Fuck. I totally rocked this box, too. Rad to see it again. I think my brother still might have it. This is a rad blog...

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Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

This old star wars stuff is great! I recently painted a YODA figurine--and based on the responses to it I will do more. It's amazing how even today people (old AND young) are still so enthralled and attached to STAR WARS.

togbane said...

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leg said...

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Princess said...

I want the same bag !
Just watched the 6 star wars (yeah !) ! Great mission, this bag is just awesome :)

Marko said...


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