Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pink astronaut dude!!

This toy is from the late 70's I believe. He's a little taller than Star Wars guys, about the height of He-Man. Pretty solid. Look like one of us chewed on the hand a little. No markings whatsoever, this thing (I think) came in a pack of small spacemen sorta like army guys, and they had one large figure in the bag also. I'm also starting to remember that they were pink, white, black and lime green. Being unable to move probably kept this guy safe from being heavily played with but I do remember being fascinated by it because it represented a realistic view of space travel. I remember in 2nd grade they were talking about how in our lifetime, we'd have colonies on the moon and flying cars. What a croc.

Of interest is it's contemporary counterpart, Astronaut Jesus. I wonder if the creators were inspired by the 70's original?