Friday, November 2, 2007

Han Solo!!

In the late 70's my grandparents ended up getting us all the original 12" Star Wars dolls as birthday and Christmas presents. We had them all except R2D2 and the elusive IG-88 doll. I have them all still, some are missing limbs, all are missing accessories. I think my favorite doll was always Han Solo. He came with a cool blaster, a medal, and looks surprisingly like Harrison Ford. We had a lot of adventures. I remember making him get naked with Princess Leah, and sometimes Luke and Obi Wan Kenobi. Except Obi Wan had painted-on dark blue underwear, which I remember thinking was gross.

I found Han just like this- naked from the waist down but wearing his belt. His pants are gone. I found his other boot but couldn't get it on. I think we always asked mom to put the boots on these guys (I think she used baby powder). He seems to have gotten into some Grey Poupon or something on his thigh-yies. He's sure got some shiny buns!

The End.


bing said...

I had the luke skywalker 12" figure and my grandmother used the "powder in the boots" trick too.

damonomad said...

Han Solo shirtcocking! A for awesome.

Summer Swanson said...

The whole shiny bun's thing made me giggle!

thingmaker said...

Dude! That's obscene... In a good way.

Anonymous said...

It's not just hilarious that he's missing not only his dignity, pants, boot, or genitalia.

It's also reading the part where you'd put both him and naked Leia together. That's hilarious.

Sadly, being from the 90's, I never got the chance to own any of those. I was born in the "Phantom Menace" decade. We don't have Barbie style Darth Mauls, now, do we?

Action Figures said...

This is a long way from the Star Wars Black Series of today lol