Friday, November 2, 2007


I know, I know... more Transformers. I can't help it, we loved these toys. These guys were called the Jumpstarters. That's "Topspin". Looks like he's got his loks on.

The whole idea behind these guys were they folded into a weird vehicle and popped out into robots. They had spring loaded wheels and you had to pull them back then let them zoom off, then after a few feet they would spring into robot mode. Sometimes they'd land on their feet but often they'd fall over. They were pretty lame. There wasn't much to transform on these guys. Neither of these will roll and transform anymore.

We got these two from a mail in offer. I remember waiting for months for these to arrive and then when we opened them up, they were kinda boring.

This one is called "Twin Twist". He had two drills that stuck out in vehicle mode. I couldn't get him to transform, a little latch was snapped off. It also looks like a gun or sword has snapped off in his hand.

Stay tuned for more...


Rafael Desqutado Jr. said...

jumpstarters! oh man i forgot about these guys. and yeas were pretty lame.

travis said...

i think i had the same one with the drill legs ... sweet

mfdrew said...

I inherited Topspin from an older neighbor when I was younger and never was really excited about it. I thought dude locked kinda fly in jet mode.