Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update!- Pink Astronaut Guy!

After doing some extensive searching, I found one other mention of this toy and discovered images of the whole set! I got this image from Kirk Demarais's toy and pop culture blog- Secret Fun Blog. He's doing a similar blog, showing stuff from his childhood. Be sure to check it out..

Here is more about the Space guys set...


mfdrew said...

I love these little dudes. Colors are really doing it for me. I like the new blog!

thingmaker said...

I have a bunch of those guys... The aliens and robots are odd but nifty and the woman is virtually unique!
My favorite toy soldier astronauts are the stunning Marx figures that accompanied some 1960s moonbase playsets. I have only a couple of them - my e-bay budget is low.
The astronauts I imprinted on as a child were the MPC figures in their Project Mercury style suits. They were marketed for 10-15 years in bags as well as with playsets.
I have hopes of running a sorta retro-future role playing game using these kinda figures, so I have been accumulating all I can get hold of cheaply.

Anonymous said...

RE:"They were designed to trick grandmothers into thinking they were the "Star Wars figures" that their grandsons were always yammering about."

In the early 80's my Mother went on a trip alone to L.A. When she returned home she pulled out of her bag a toy that she had found. She said it was a Star Wars toy she found for a lot cheaper than the expensive ones being sold here at home. To my horror I realized my Mom had been ripped off. Until I looked at the price tag on the bag, 29-cents. Then I said "hey neato!". And my Mother was pleased because she thought she had been able to deliver genuine Star Wars merchandise to me for a fraction of the regular price. I did not have the heart to tell her otherwise. But I did not feel guilty because it only cost her 29-cents.

VictoryBuy said...

Hey All,

We were able to get a small production run of these made using the original molds. You can find the reissued Galaxy Laser Team here: